Valley of the Ghelgath

by Hollow World



Here is our newest single, Valley of the Ghelgath
We have also done a music video for this song, check it out!


A sight to make your blood turn cold
A cloud of breath to turn youi frozen where you stand
A walking blizzard - will spit bolts of ice
As he reaches for the sky
Turning blood into ice

See the shiver as they turn to run away
He bellows clouds of ice that freeze them there for all eternity
An icey valley, forever filled with bodies as trophies

The blood of the dead won't run
In the Lord of The Valley's killing ground

The walls of the valley bear his harrowing cries
A place where only the brave and stupid come to die
No nation stakes a claim to this land
An abhorration of a being filling the hearts of all with terror

At just the thought of his sight
A towering pillar of ice
The piercing sound of his cries
Enough to make a man lose his mind

Ice Lord of the frozen underworld
Relentless, in slaying all that enter his domain
An infinite collection of frozen human sculptures
former warriors frozen asunder

The blood of the dead won't run
Frozen in time, Frozen forever


released January 13, 2015
Nerve Studio - Mix/Master


all rights reserved



Hollow World Melbourne, Australia

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