Beneath the Frozen Sky (2018)

by Hollow World

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Fully remixed and remastered release of Beneath the Frozen Sky to commemorate its 5th anniversary, with re-recorded guitar and bass tracks.
Contains the new single "The Rose of Rancid Petals" as a bonus track.


released October 26, 2018


all rights reserved



Hollow World Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Weeping Willow
Your soul traded to darkness
Lost in the trees that never end
Searching, just an aura
A life once traded to the god of men

The pieces that we've lost
You'll never see again
A creature of these blackened woods
Your geist you yearn to find and cleanse

Free my soul, give me life
Reanimate by night
Now I shall walk again and feel the burn of moonlight

Skipping through the shadows
Lurking, waiting to appear
Dancing upon a hallowed treetop
Through the fog the smell of fear

A lonely traveller
Rides blindly in the misty night
Could it be? The wolves don't lie
The cursed sword that raped your life

Free my soul, give me life
Reanimate by night
Now I shall walk again and feel the burn of moonlight

Forgotten princess, Temptress of the night
I now return from dust to claim the throne,
My birthright once foreseen

Come to me, you can't resist....
A fair maiden, golden hair, white dress and crimson lips
cries for help carried on the storm with a windy hiss
Your reward for murder be'eth a fatal poison kiss

Your knees drop....
A sudden loss of energy.
Our eyes lock...
This lifeless gaze no mystery.
Then you see...
A ghost of your past memories.
Could it be?
The life you took for false deities?

Oh how I've longed for thee
To repay the violation that saw me locked away for centuries
Can you feel my breath, so dead, so cold?
Frost running down your neck, you're in my web's eternal hold

Wings break free from me, now I am complete.
Queen of the blackened woods, I've fulfilled the prophecy
Now you lay to rest, your bones rot gracefully
Through the Wych's tunnel's silence
I cry with eternity!
Track Name: Beyond Dusk
Thick shadows fall across the misty plains
As darkness takes over the realm.
With nothing to guide but flickering torch embers,
Moonlight and galaxies of stars.
Cold winds blow sending chills down spines
While castles raise their drawbridges high.

A boy's hand grips his blade's handle tight
Drawn from its sheath, empowering man's might!
There is no room for fear,
The time is approaching, your enemies will soon be here!

Ride on, tread light, this battle will run through the night.
The cry of the Wolfos may give you a fright!!
Stay strong for now, come morning's light,
You will be named "The Hero of Time."

Draw out your blade, unleash the rage
Swipe swift and sure, turn destiny's page.
Come forth you creatures of death
Extinguishing flames when bone meets steel.

The dead rise! Dark magic is born.
Corpses of slain ascend from their graves.
Driven by hate, skeletal beasts stagger
On a path to destroy all.

Victory is his once again
But this boy's far from his end
He is The Hero of Time
And his story lives on.

Wisdom Power Courage and Time
It will take you there
Wisdom Power Courage and Time

Wisdom Power Courage and Time
It will take you there
Wisdom Power Courage and Time
Will keep you alive!
Track Name: Portal of Souls
Slipping through the window upon a castle's walls
It won't be long until these fuckers fall.

They will know, they'll be shamed, they'll all stop and stare
Once I've made my way into the Necromancer's Lair

Behold! The Demon's stare!
Encased in dragon leather and bound with human hair

Set them free! I'll set them free into the world!

Blow off the dust, wipe off the webs
This city's people will wish they were dead.
Open the pages only to see
But the most brutal staring at me.

The Portal of Souls!
A gateway from this life into the next.

Spinning and swirling, a gateway to hell
Can it be closed? I cannot find the spell.
Writhing and tearing and ripping right through
Fractured reality, dimensions anew.

Demons feeding on his flesh
Stealing human souls.
Beasts of hell roam free to kill
What will become of us all?
And in the Necromancer came
To put this stupid fool to fucking shame
"The only way to save us all
Is now to lay you down to rest."

The undead mage held his staff up high
Chanting uncontrollably opens up the Sky
Now turned to the criminal full of pride and vain
"Look at what you've brought yourself
You've written your own end."

Oh why, you have failed!
You've uncovered a world of darkness and despair
Now you will pay.
Now you will pay with your life.
Track Name: Blade of Winter
A thrust of my sword fills his stomach
Full of hardened, polished steel
Again and again I kill their best
The challenge once posed, I no longer feel
My legend has spread both far and wide throughout this land
But something harder, a worthy fight
Is all I wish for now

Long my search continues
None withstand my rage
Dead and dying bodies
Gives me glory on the stage

One eerie night, appeared an apparition
That told me to travel beyond the wall
Where I will find a foe worthy of my sword

Without delay I set foot to the north
Cold winds blowing, winter is taking its course.
I must carry on, for this man brave and bold
Does not fear!

Stalactites of deadly ice
Rain down like arrows throughout the sky
Stabbing my organs and crushing my brain
Punctured lungs and unbearable pain

The seasons turn, my soul it yearns
For this foe to die
I am but a warrior beneath the winter sky

Tundra plains stretching endlessly
Desolate. Devoid.
Where is this worthless warrior?
Soon he will be destroyed.

Falling down, cannot see, my helmet sits askew
Not once defeated by man nor by beast,
None could match my skill
This foe I find upon me now,
No armour to sever, armour to tear
My heart grows chilled, my pulse is stilled
I stare into the sky


Now my search has ended
One did match my rage.
The wounds and pain now clear and plain
The blade of winter has run through me.

The seasons turn, cold still burns
Nothing is left to die.
Once I was a warrior, now just bones
Beneath a frozen, stormy sky.
Track Name: Wychbury Hill
A blinding glow burning from depths of the forest
That man does not know
Emerges a girl, her origin unknown
Her story yet to be told.

Let's go poaching out in the woods
Beyond the old Hill Fort
The forbidden forest of Elms

Climbing the treetops
Only to see the skull of a girl
Then she stared right back at me!

Drifting on forth in the moonlight
And how did this soul come to be?
An innocent victim of torment
Becomes the executioner!

And vengeance will be served
For what they've done to me.

In the Wych Elm

Run from the Hill Fort
Between you and me
The Queen of the Wych Elm,
The Temptress has been set free.

Let us tell no one
For we were not meant to be there
Let us tell no one of Bella
Bella from in the Wych Elm.
Track Name: The Rose of Rancid Petals
Her cold hand beckons for me
To step out from the light
To feel the breeze upon my face
To feel her kiss upon my cheek
Her arms wrapped tight around me
Her voice - whispering in my ear
Her fingers linked with mine
There is nothing to fear

I've become one with the cold
I want to die
I'm diving into the void
I want to die

I take her hand and follow on
Her bones are pressed against my palms
Her stench is rife within my nostrils
I find it oh so calming
She hands me roses full of thorns
Their petals rancid from the buds
I suddenly feel whole

She pulls my hands unto her sheath
Her robe drops down to her feet
I raise my fingers to her breast
Nothing but bones beneath her chest

One hand on my hip now waltzing
A dance with death is underway
Folding my knees beneath me
The temptress clad in sweet decay

Slowly she whispers "my name is Bella"
Torso is twisting under the pressure now
Eyes locked in furious gaze, unbroken
Reaching into my chest no words spoken
Coldness engulfing all that is felt
Darkness replacing all that I can see

All torment from me has been stripped
The solace I feel is her gift

I've become one with the cold
I want to die
I'm diving into the void
I want to die
I have embraced the coldness
And made deal with her
To take this life of torment
- Rip it from my chest within
I have engaged in a dance with death
To feel her lips upon my face

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